Masonite Utilizes Augmented Reality to Sell and Specify Commercial Doors

Masonite is utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) to help its architects sell and specify doors. Designed by Chameleon Power, the native app helps users view and select doors within actual commercial environments.

The Chameleon Power AR application, was on display at the DHI Trade Show in Baltimore. “Partnering with the leading door manufacturer, we wanted to ensure that the AR tool was a unique example of the Chameleon Power technology we have to offer,” says Dan Dempsey, president of Chameleon Power. “Augmented Reality is quickly becoming a standard in many industries, and we’re happy to provide the AR experience to Masonite customers.”

Virtual Reality (VR) technology from Chameleon Power helps builders and remodelers work with potential clients to select Masonite doors for specific projects. The user can choose from a selection of Masonite doors, with different colors, trends and design options. In utilizing our next generation 3D applications, customers can create photo-realistic outcomes in a life-like digital environment.

To view the tool, visit the website.

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