Metl-Span Forms Architectural Panel Division, Launches Envolution Line

Metl-Span has expanded its products and services into the architectural insulated metal panel market with the formation of its Architectural Panel Division and the introduction of Envolution Architectural Products, the company’s branded line of architectural panels, trim items and accessories.

The newly formed Architectural Panel Division is headed by Jeff Irwin, executive vice president and general manager. Irwin was previously CEO of Kingspan Benchmark and director of the architectural division of Kingspan N.A. “It is our intention to become the North American market leader and solutions provider for comprehensive architectural insulated metal panel building envelopes,” Irwin says.

Metl-Span has produced architectural panels on a limited basis since the 1990s. “We’re all in now,” Irwin adds. “Metl-Span is making a total commitment to this increasingly important segment of the IMP market.”

The new Architectural Division’s flagship production facility will be located in Colonial Heights, Va. Custom fabrication equipment and post process functions will be added to develop the most custom fabrication-capable panel plant in North America. In addition to production at the Virginia facility, Metl-Span’s Kealy, Texas, plant will be significantly upgraded with new and improved equipment to enhance fabrication capabilities.

The Envolution line offers comprehensive building envelope solutions. Products include Vantaj custom panels, architectural sunshades and grilles, column covers and beam wraps, and architectural louvers, as well as custom fabrication capabilities. The full line of Envolution architectural panel products is manufactured to exact specifications and delivers the highest quality energy efficiency with proven sustainability.

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