Mockett Announces Its 30th Annual Design Competition

Mockett announces its 30th Annual Design Competition. Seeking the best innovative ideas in furniture parts, components, accessories and hardware. Even if you think your idea is too prosaic, dull, unusual or “not good enough”, you are urged to send it in. You would be surprised at how many first place award winners were shocked when they got the congratulatory call.

Entry is easy: Send a clear write-up about your idea. A drawing is even better, and a model is best. Please send FedEx or registered mail and show Attn: Design Competition on your label or airbill. Entries can also be emailed to [email protected] (PDF files only).

Deadline is Oct. 1 and the judges meet and decide in December.

The usual first place award is $1,000 plus royalty, but to honor the three decades we’ve been hosting this unique contest solely for furniture components, it has been raised to $5,000. With, as usual, no limit to the number of first place awards.

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