Monitor, Compare and Analyze Data Generated by Photovoltaic Inverter

Fronius Solar.web, a new, free online portal from Fronius USA, helps photovoltaic (PV) system installers, integrators and owners maximize system uptime and energy yield through data generation and instant communication. Fronius Solar.web lets users monitor, compare and analyze data generated by any Fronius solar inverter with an electronic data logger, so adjustments can be made before they affect PV system energy yield. Solar.web can email service messages if difficulties occur that will affect system uptime, and system data can be displayed publicly on a television by synching with Fronius USA’s Solar.TV online portal.

Fronius Solar.web uses an electronic data logger to transmit data from a PV system to the online portal, where it is tracked. System installers, integrators and homeowners can log on to www.solarweb.com to review actionable system data, including:

  • Annual, monthly and daily energy production in kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Total daily, monthly and lifetime energy production
  • Overall system earnings
  • CO2 reduction
  • Voltage and current information for periods of time within archived data
  • Automatic yield comparisons across multiple inverters or time periods

Emails instantaneously are sent if difficulties occur. It also allows for some troubleshooting without sending out a technician.


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