Motili Forms Partnership to Bring Energy-efficient HVAC to Rural Midwest

Motili, a property and HVAC technology company, now is collaborating with Energy Efficiency Resources (EER), a provider of energy reduction products and services, to bring energy-efficient HVAC to property owners in need in the rural Midwest.

Motili and EER have come together and developed a heating and cooling system replacement program to service low-income homeowners in parts of the upper Midwest where clients have depended on more expensive options, such as propane or fuel oil. Motili and EER are providing and installing modern, efficient heat pumps and electric systems. These systems, not historically utilized because of their inability to warm homes sufficiently in extremely cold weather, today are now highly capable. Motili and EER have begun to “electrify the grid” by helping these homeowners convert their heating systems to energy-efficient systems, capable of heating and cooling in a robust and effective manner.

“Motili has been able to provide such scalability to service our clients, it has enabled us to complete this project with a higher efficiency than what we initially expected. In fact, the scalability has been so effective, the possibility exists for converting significantly more homes to electric systems in the near future,” says Jeffrey Filek, co-founder, Energy Efficiency Resources. “It’s been a rewarding project. This year we’re helping hundreds of under-served households primarily heat, but also cool, in a way that is good for their budgets and the planet.”

HVAC systems are some of the largest energy consumers and emitters of carbon dioxide. Tackling climate change and supporting green energy initiatives is a key aspect of President Biden’s “green power revolution” plan, with a call to shift to greener energy over the next eight years. EER and Motili’s efforts to help customers in need are ongoing, with an aim to convert inefficient and expensive oil and gas systems to energy efficient and significantly cost-effective electric systems into the future.

“We are pleased to be working in the local community to provide high efficiency systems for low-income residents,” adds Matthew Sallee, vice president, Sales, Motili. “This program provides quality equipment at no cost to these residents, providing them with lower monthly bills without any large expense. It’s truly a great program.”

Motili is transforming property management systems by combining people, process and technology into a unique, nationally supported, locally provided solution. Motili has achieved groundbreaking HVAC efficiency and performance, delivering new levels of savings, simplicity and strategic insights for a growing roster of well-known residential and commercial property customers. Motili’s predictive analytics improves budgeting accuracy by predicting project equipment life cycle, heading off reactive repair jobs before they happen.

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