Motili Names 2021 Carbon Reduction Champions

Motili, a property and HVAC technology company, has announced that 10 of its customers, in multifamily, commercial real estate and single-family property management, achieved more than $125 million dollars in total energy savings over the 10-year warranty of their systems in 2021. Motili has named these customers its 2021 Carbon Reduction Champions. Between the 10 customers, Motili replaced over 47,000 dated air-conditioning units, updating to more modern, energy-efficient units saving almost 10 million gallons of gas, outpacing last year’s gas savings by 8 million gallons.

With HVAC energy consumption accounting for more than 40 percent of a commercial building’s total energy use, Motili began awarding its customers this annual prize in 2019 to show appreciation for their steps to improve energy efficiency and positively impact the environment. As a recap and to show how important the replacement of sub-optimal HVAC is: 

  •     In 2019, Motili’s Carbon Reduction Champions reduced 62,716 KgCo2e worth of emissions. 
  •     In 2020 the reduction in emissions saw a 17-fold decrease of 16,643,914 KgCo2e in emissions. 
  •     In 2021, this trend in decreasing carbon emissions continued with 84,294,882 KgCo2e reduction achieved. 

In all, Motili’s Carbon Reduction Champions reduced their energy savings per year by 26 percent—about $329 dollars of annual energy savings per unit. Motili’s Carbon Reduction Champions not only lowered their carbon emissions but also improved the quality of their properties, created energy savings for their residents, and optimized operating income with decreased operational expense. 

“It is amazing to see that the 2021 carbon savings of Motili’s Carbon Reduction Champions completely surpassed the massive reductions of the year before. We’re so proud of the efforts of our clients to ensure their HVAC units are the best they can be for their tenants, their budgets and for the environment,” says Matthew Sallee, vice president of Multi-Family, Motili. “As always, here at Motili, we’re looking to the future and expect that this trend of positive stewardship from our Carbon Reduction Champions will continue to gain momentum.” 

Motili is an integrated HVAC technology management platform that offers products and services nationwide. Motili is a member of Daikin group, the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world. With a network of over 2000 contractors and 1000 distribution centers, Motili provides scalable HVAC solutions to customers.

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