Murals Add Personal Design Statement to Any Space

Brewster Home Fashions' Wall MuralsBrewster Home Fashions' Wall Murals

Brewster Home Fashions' Wall Murals

Brewster Home Fashions’ Wall Murals

Thanks to Frescography, murals can be digitally produced on paper, canvas, glass or tiles to create a personal design statement at a very reasonable cost. Brewster Home Fashions, a family-owned wallpaper company, takes this technique to new levels of innovation and aesthetics.

The murals are quickly and easily installed with a minimum of equipment and fuss. Consumers will spend far more time choosing from the many designs and styles available than they will reinventing their space with a single mural. Trends are reflected in all four lines of murals offered by Brewster Home Fashions.

  • With murals from Brewster’s Komar line, a room opens wide, into an autumn forest, a tumbling waterfall, a tropical beach or 3-D views of flowers, blooming on a cliff overlooking the sea. More rustic and natural elements can be found in murals of brick and sandstone that capture warm earth tones and play of light. Shades of charcoal, greige, taupe and camel prove that neutrals need not be bland and provide an ideal background for accent pieces in vivid colors or pure white.
  • The Ideal Décor mural collection uses ethereal, 3-D photos to cast a dream-like mood, while creating a singular new space.
  • Sunsets and graceful animal figures from the Brewster line incorporate drama and a sense of serenity.
  • The National Geographic line uses photos from the iconic magazine. The pristine forests and seascapes reflect a growing global trend towards eco-friendly, green themes.

Murals are durable, made of 80-pound wet strength paper and finished with a light coat of varnish. They are easily cleaned with a wet sponge and quickly removed without damage to the walls.


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