NAILD Awards Lutron Electronics with Product Sprint Award for Its Dimmer Sensor

Lutron Electronics, a provider of energy-saving, wireless lighting and shade control products, was one of six winners of the 2015 Product Sprint Award from the National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD). The company took top honors in the Best Control category for its Maestro 0-10V Dimmer Sensor, which uses smart, adaptive settings in a simplified design to provide reliable sensing and optimized dimming performance in commercial applications.

The NAILD Product Sprint award recognizes excellence in new lighting manufacturing products. The awards are voted on by entrant’s peers.

“We are honored that the NAILD recognizes the superior performance of Lutron’s Maestro 0-10V Dimmer Sensor,” says Brian Donlon, sales vice president – North America at Lutron Electronics. “We are continually looking for ways to provide our customers with high-quality products, and the 0-10V Dimmer Sensor is a simplified, affordable solution with the exceptional dimming and sensing performance that you can expect from Lutron.”

By installing Maestro 0-10V Dimmer Sensor in spaces, such as private offices, conference rooms, training rooms and break rooms, users can control the widely available 0-10V LED or fluorescent fixtures while providing reliable sensing for energy savings. The Maestro 0-10V Dimmer Sensor now offers an all-in-one solution to meet the changing needs in commercial spaces, as there continues to be a growing trend of 0-10V fixtures and building code requirements for occupancy sensors.

In addition to providing a solution for challenging lighting concerns, the dimmer sensor from Lutron offers:

  • Reliable detection of fine motion, ensuring lights say on when the room is occupied with Lutron’s advanced XCT technology.
  • Smart ambient light detection, which automatically learns the user’s preferred light level in the space, turning the lights on only when sufficient daylight is not available.
  • Optimized dimming performance with smooth fade-to-on and fade-to-off, high- and low-end trim, and enhanced low-end dimming.
  • Simplified installation – Lens flash alerts contractors of miswires or incompatible load type.
  • Enhanced design – Streamlined product design, combining the benefits of several Lutron products into one easy-to-use sensor.
  • Saves energy with occupancy/vacancy sensing technologies.

“This is an exciting time for NAILD as we recognize those lighting companies driving innovation and new product development in our industry,” says Greg Ehrich, incoming president of NAILD. “These new leaders will propel the industry to the next level of lighting design.”

The NAILD announced the winners of its 2015 Product Sprint awards at the 2015 NAILD Annual Conference in Denver.

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