NAILD Introduces Its New President and Board Members

Spencer Miles, vice president of Pacific Lamp & Supply in Seattle, has been named president of the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD).

“Distributors have had to innovate in recent years as the lighting industry has evolved and business models have changed,” says Miles, who has more than 18 years of industry experience at Pacific Lamp, where he serves on the leadership team in an ownership position. “NAILD has been a leader in helping businesses like mine keep pace and get ahead through education and networking with industry peers who are facing similar challenges. Through these relationships, we have developed solutions to stay relevant and serve our customers’ best interests as we educate them on the best practices in the new lighting world.”

Miles, who has been an active member of NAILD for years, is excited to take on a leadership role in the organization.

“I want to continue to build membership and have NAILD remain a pioneer in lighting education,” he states. “Under Cory Schneider, our immediate past president, our membership and education programming expanded, and I want to continue that growth.”

Joining Miles on NAILD’s Executive Committee are:

· President-Elect: Matt Thesing, owner, One Source Lighting of Grand Junction, Colo.

· Treasurer: Brian Amundson, president, Pacific Lamp Wholesale of Beaverton, Ore.

·Immediate Past President: Cory Schneider, LC, CEO, Lighting Unlimited, Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz.

Kevin Wolff, national distribution sales manager, Jesco Lighting of Port Washington, N.Y., and Alan Karen, senior vice president of global sales, SATCO, of Brentwood, N.Y., round out the board of directors.

NAILD extends its thanks and recognizes the outstanding contributions of departing board members Robin Watt, account executive, C.N. Robinson Lighting Supply of Baltimore, Md., and Josh Brown, vice president of distributor sales, Keystone Lighting of North Wales, Pa.

Exclusive Networking and Education Opportunities

Since 1977, NAILD has been a committed industry leader in networking and education amid an ever-changing marketplace.

NAILD Innovation, its annual conference, unites lighting professionals in an evolving industry through education, awards and sharing of best practices. All attendees experience networking opportunities to create new business relationships and deepen existing ones. Distributors and vendors make personal connections in one-on-one Organized Casual Conferences in addition to education from lighting leaders.

The Product Sprint offers exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their most innovative products while distributor attendees vote to determine winners in six categories.

NAILD also offers three certificate programs.

Lighting Specialist-I (LS-I) certificate training helps employers cut the learning curve for employees who strive to become lighting experts. It educates lighting sales employees to better understand how and when customers should retrofit their facilities from incandescent and compact fluorescent light technologies to solid-state lighting.

Lighting Specialist-II (LS-II) training shifts the focus from products to customer sales techniques and analyzing customer buying motivations, as well as a focus on applied lighting sales in retail, industrial, office and educational facilities. It helps elevate staff from the role of product provider to the role of solution provider. The latter portion of training allows participants to choose one or more market specialties—retail, industrial, office and educational facilities.

Both programs combine technical instruction and hands-on field experience delivered through a self-paced, online approach. LS-II participants also work with a mentor in the field.

As part of its growing portfolio of knowledge, NAILD also offers a brand-neutral Lighting Specialist-Controls (LS-C) certificate training program. Registrants must have already completed the LS-I training.

LS-C is a brand-agnostic and technology-neutral training program covering the basics of lighting control that allows distributors to speak to customers and suppliers with competence and confidence. The on-demand, online training program is supported by workbook exercises, hands-on activities, online quizzes, in-house coaching and a final exam. Those who successfully complete the course will become LS-C certified.

For more information on all of NAILD’s training programs, visit the website.

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