NEMA Lighting System Index Increases During Q1 2017

The first quarter of 2017 saw a 1.4 percent increase compared to Q4 2016 but a 3.4 percent decline when compared to Q1 2016. Emergency lighting, fixtures, and lighting controls posted quarter-over-quarter increases while the remaining components declined during the same period.

The same components also posted year-over-year increases, but were offset by the decline in ballasts – HID and florescent, LED drivers, large lamps, and LED replacement lamp shipments.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) represents 350 electrical, medical imaging, and radiation therapy manufacturers at the forefront of electrical safety, reliability, resilience, efficiency, and energy security. Our combined industries account for more than 400,000 American jobs and more than 7,000 facilities across the U.S. Domestic production exceeds $114 billion per year and exports top $50 billion.

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