Noribachi Publishes LED Lighting IES File Library

Noribachi, a U.S.-based custom LED manufacturer for high-output commercial and industrial lighting solutions, publishes its LED Lighting IES file library.

“Publishing the IES file library gives greater visibility for our high-performance LED lighting products and light engines by providing third-party testing information. The testing confirms that our Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored (BEST) LED products deliver high quality and lighting efficacy in the LED lighting market,” says Franklin Dibachi, director of engineering, Noribachi.

The IES data provided by Light Laboratory Inc. delivers accurate total light output and angular beam spread for selected Noribachi LED product and light engine configurations. The data is now available on the company’s website as well as Noribachi’s LED product spec sheets. The spec sheets also outline additional information including Product Information, Performance Summary, Electrical Overview, Lighting Performance/Distribution, Power and Lumens by Light Engine, Lumen Factors and Optional Upgrades.

The IES files and product spec sheets help customers, from electrical engineers to lighting designers, evaluate Noribachi’s products and light engine distribution to properly understand which LED lighting fixture and light engine configuration can be engineered to meet their specific project requirements.

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