Nortek Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary

Founded as the International Oil Heating Co. in 1919, the company first manufactured coal-to-oil conversion furnace burners.
Founded as the International Oil Heating Co. in 1919, the company first manufactured coal-to-oil conversion furnace burners.

Nortek Global HVAC is celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2019 by recognizing the accomplishments from the past and focusing on the innovations of tomorrow.

The anniversary kicked off at the 2019 International Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigerating Expo (AHR Expo–2019) in Atlanta, and will continue with subsequent celebrations and events throughout the year.

Founded as the International Oil Heating Co. in 1919, the company rose to success manufacturing coal-to-oil conversion furnace burners. The innovative oil burners helped reduce coal-burning air pollution challenges faced in its St. Louis, hometown, considered the dirtiest city in the Mississippi Valley at the time. Later, the company innovated even cleaner gas-fired burner conversions.

In 1933, they designed, built and installed a heater for mobile homes (termed manufactured homes today). That milestone helped it become a leader in manufactured housing HVAC.

The company innovated dozens of firsts throughout the subsequent decades, such as the fully-automatic mobile home furnace, sealed combustion oil furnace for mobile homes, and the electric hot water self-contained baseboard heaters.

The company was renamed Nordyne in 1987. Around this time, the company was able to take their years developing manufactured housing HVAC equipment and apply it to the residential market. Newly-developed manufacturing processes, such as Demand Flow Technology (DFT) in 1994, led to faster production turnaround times and quality assurance awards. For example, DFT helped generate accolades from manufacturers, such as Sidney, Ohio-based Copeland, which recognized the company in multiple years as having the best compressor reliability in the industry.

As Nordyne, the company continued to introduce innovative technology solutions to the heating and cooling market. This included SmartLite technology in 2002, which extended igniter life through self-adjusting startup times, and the first ducted application of inverter technology, the iQ Drive line, in 2006. In 2014, the company introduced the first-ever residential condensing gas/electric packaged system, the R8HE.

In 2015, Nordyne was renamed Nortek Global HVAC, the name it maintains in its 100 year. Continuing the innovation of previous decades, Nortek Global HVAC introduced an all-aluminum coil technology for use in residential HVAC applications. And in October 2018, the company patented a methodology that will revolutionize the air conditioning industry. The U.S. patent eliminates hot gas reheat circuit instability and the risk of potential freezing experienced by most brands of air conditioning reheat technology, especially on dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) when operating during cold and high-humidity ambient conditions.

The success of Nortek Global HVAC is due in part to its partnership with independent contractors and distributors. This partnership has led to product improvements such as the split-system jacket design launched in 2017. The jacket was directly influenced by contractor feedback, resulting in a design that increases system serviceability.

For more information about Nortek Global HVAC products and to access the online literature library, contractors and distributors should visit the website.  

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