Number of BACnet Certified Products Continues to Grow

BACnet International has announced that, at press time, there are 1,311 products that have successfully completed BACnet conformance tests and are included in the global listing of tested products database. BACnet International is an industry association that facilitates the successful use of the BACnet protocol in building automation and control systems through interoperability testing, educational programs and promotional activities. BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) oversees the global BACnet product certification program and other interoperability testing activities.

BACnet conformance tests are conducted by independent Recognized BACnet Testing Organizations (RBTOs) that use an industry-standard suite of tests and set of testing policies established by the BTL Working Group (BTL-WG). These tests validate that a product has correctly implemented a specific set of BACnet features, which, in turn, helps minimize costs and risks associated with system integration.

For each product that completes testing, the manufacturer receives a Certificate of Conformance, a BTL Listing and the right to use the BTL Mark.

At the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta, there will be 929 BTL Listed products shown at company booths. BACnet International will be providing carpet stickers with the BTL Mark logo for exhibitors to use to highlight their listings.

“The growth in the number of BTL listed products tracks with the acceptance of the critical role BACnet has in building automation,” states Andy McMillan, president and managing director of BACnet International. “BACnet has over 60 percent global market share and building owners and control system designers have seen that the use of products with the BTL Mark can accelerate system integration and lower costs. That’s why they are increasingly requesting BACnet products on their projects. In fact, there are more products being shown at booths across the 2023 AHR Expo than were certified in total at the end of 2018.”

To see all BTL Listed products, please visit bacnetinternational.net/btl. For more information on the BTL or testing, visit btl.org.

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