Online Tool Populates Glass Manufacturer Data in BIM Format

Guardian Industries' web-based BIM GeneratorGuardian Industries' web-based BIM Generator

Guardian Industries' web-based BIM Generator

Guardian Industries’ web-based BIM Generator

Guardian Industries has launched its web-based BIM Generator at sunguardglass.com. It populates manufacturer data for thermal and optical performances of project-specific customer IG makeups in the BIM format.

By working with the Guardian Performance Calculator, and as a part of the complete online Glass Analytics suite of tools, the tool can produce project-specific custom content. The BIM Generator creates highly detailed content that represents the correct thickness and color of the inboard and outboard lites. By leveraging visibility settings, users can control the level of detail depending on the desired scale of the view. The content is created for Revit 2013 to take advantage of Revit’s material analytics for energy simulations. In addition to specific customized makeups, standard makeups will be available for download on www.SunGuardGlass.com, Autodesk Seek and SmartBIM.


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