Orgatech, Organic Lighting Occupy New Factory, Office Space

U.S.-based Orgatech Lighting, and sister company Organic Lighting Systems has announced that they are moving to a new factory and office space. The announcement was made by Laurence St. Ives, founder, and president of Orgatech Lighting and Organic Lighting Systems.

The new building expands offices and customer-support facilities over the company’s previous facility in Azusa, which it occupied for 16 years. Its new headquarters plant and offices are at 205 West Blueridge Avenue in Orange, Calif., near Anaheim’s Angels Stadium. All Orgatech and Organic manufactured product lines, headquarters staff, plant and customer services, are integral to the new building, a concrete and glass contemporary landscaped structure located in an industrial park.

On-site parking is provided for employees and visitors, bulk delivery and shipping accommodations for end customers. Increased and enhanced customer-service, research, engineering, testing and product-development facilities account for much of the new space. Product assembly, product customization, computerized warehousing and office operations comprise the rest.

“Orgatech Lighting and Organic Lighting Systems are members of today’s rapidly developing and changing lighting industry,” observes Mr. St. Ives. “For our first two-plus decades we have grown, innovated and adapted to the constantly changing demands of lighting technology and of customers. From our origins, we focus on design, technology, and manufactured quality; on-time availability and customer satisfaction levels” St. Ives notes. “Growth, an expanding customer base, and product line drove the need for the new space. As the lighting business becomes more technologically sophisticated, we continue to add innovative product designs,” Laurence St. Ives concludes.

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