PABCO Gypsum Is Recognized at WACA Construction Excellence Award Ceremony

PABCO Gypsum received an award during the Wall And Ceiling Alliance’s (WACA) Annual Construction Excellence Award ceremony in San Jose, Calif. PABCO Gypsum and QuietRock each received awards for their contribution to five contractor projects that were honored with Construction Excellence Awards (CEA).

CEA honors contractors that performed exceptional wall and ceiling craftsmanship in Northern California. The ceremony also showcased individuals and companies that contributed to the framework of the winning construction projects.

PABCO Gypsum and QuietRock, sound reducing drywall manufactured by PABCO Gypsum, were recognized for their contribution to the following contractor projects:

  • Level 5 Construction Inc., Category: Historical Restoration Interior, Project: Harry Winston, Product: PABCO Gypsum
  • California Drywall Co., Category: Residential/Lodging Interior, Project: Hotel Nia (Menlo Gateway Hotel), Product: PABCO Gypsum
  • Anning-Johnson Co., Category: Green Building, Project: Salesforce Tower, Product: QuietRock
  • Golden Gate Drywall, Categories: Retail Interior and Ceilings, Project: 1 Stockton Street, San Francisco, T-Mobile, Product: PABCO Gypsum

For more information on the winning projects, visit the WACA website.

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