Palram Creates Two Positions to Enhance Its LEAN Journey

Palram Americas, a manufacturer of polycarbonate and PVC sheets and products, started the LEAN journey two years ago. Ideas like continual improvement, delivering value and reducing waste were introduced to the employees and the LEAN culture began weaving through the processes of the company. As part of its LEAN journey, Palram developed a vision to align all departments to a common direction by using guiding principles aligned in six supporting pillars. These values are defined and measured across all departments as: a safety first culture, respect for people, delivering value to our customers, high-quality standards, continuous improvement and long-term profitability.

Palram has created two new positions in efforts to bring a sharper focus to its LEAN journey. The Continuous Improvement Manager role will be filled by Enrique Gonzalez. He will champion the Palram LEAN initiative and has already immersed himself in creating new processes and suggesting improvements. The Voice of Customer Manager position will be filled by Johana Gonzalez. Johana’s new role will be aligned with the “Delivering Value to our Customers” vision pillar. In this role, she will work across the organization to analyze customer metrics while making process improvement recommendations as Palram strives for continuous improvement of service levels.

Enrique Gonzalez has an Industrial Engineering degree with more than 27 years of various roles aligned with LEAN and continuous improvement in a manufacturing environment. Johana Gonzalez has been employed by Palram in various roles for more than 13 years. She is currently working towards a degree in Business Administration. Palram is proud to have both of them helping to guide the LEAN journey.

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