Partnership Provides BIM Content to Industry Professionals

Oatey Co. is continuing to advance its position in the digital space, partnering with BIMobject to make its commercial product BIM (Building Information Modeling) content available to industry professionals worldwide. BIMobject connects its 2 million users with the digital product information needed for the designs and buildings they create.

Oatey’s BIM content to support Revit projects is available now, supported by BIMobject, both at Oatey.com and BIMobject.com. Each BIM file set comes complete with parametric controls, MEP connectors and all other information that engineers, architects and building professionals will need to design with Oatey products.

“We understand the importance of providing industry professionals with the insights and tools they need to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage their projects,” says Brian DiVincenzo, president, wholesale and commercial sales, at Oatey. “That’s why we are pleased to partner with industry leader BIMobject to provide convenient access to Oatey’s complete BIM content.”

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Oatey, which is well-known in the plumbing industry for having high-quality and reliable products,” says Carl Silbersky, CEO of BIMobject. “Hundreds of our users have already downloaded Oatey products into their BIM projects in the past four weeks. We’re honored to work with such a world-class and in-demand company.”

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