Payroll Software Automates Paycheck Processing

EzPaycheck payroll softwareEzPaycheck payroll software

EzPaycheck payroll software

EzPaycheck payroll software

The 2013 edition of small business payroll software ezPaycheck makes it easy for small business to handle paycheck tasks.

The product can handle the paychecks for both W2 employees and 1099 contractors. EzPaycheck 2013 can support unlimited employees with no extra charge so business owners do not need to worry about the cost when they hire new employees. EzPaycheck can also handle salary, hourly pay, tips, commission, bonus, pay-by-project and more pay types. Ezpaycheck 2013 add new feature to handle shift differential salary which is ideal for housing and construction companies that pay differing rates for different jobs.

The software allows users to add custom pay types to handle the special payment for bad weather, hazardous material, side road and more.
EzPaycheck comes with latest federal tax tables, state tax tables and tax forms that make it easy to handle the paychecks for a company with employees in multiple states.

A free 30-day test drive of the software is available.


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