Photos and Graphics for Ceilings and Walls Provide ‘Positive Distractions’

BalancedCare by Axis Lighting is launching the Tranquility Series that integrates a library of high-resolution proprietary photography and designer graphic patterns with BalancedCare sconces and Axis Lighting luminaires. Designers can choose graphics that adapt to 3D luminaires, are customizable and can even elevate branding. A combination of inspiring images, textured graphics, and custom colors and finishes focus on patient relaxation, stress reduction and opportunities for “positive distractions”—all scalable up to 20- by 20-foot designs without losing resolution integrity. 

The Tranquility Series integrates a library of high-resolution proprietary photography and designer graphic patterns with BalancedCare sconces and Axis Lighting luminaires.

The biophilic designs have a positive impact on a patient’s state of mind with customization that enables design freedom. The 165 proprietary images and graphics allow our customers to build unique, fully customizable environments.

The Tranquility Series offers a variety of luminaire options, in-ceiling and wall-mount configurations, to support varying needs of any environment. Multiple options and configurations offer flexibility in design, aesthetic appeal, and a refreshing alternative to the norm. Graphics for most configurations are printed on the inside lens surface to protect it from cleaning solutions and scratches.

A human response to luminaire design where science meets aesthetics, the Tranquility Series provides positive patient experience and reduces anxiety with benefits that include shorter length of stay, reduced pain response and improved mood. Designed for many healthcare environments such as exam rooms, corridors, pediatrics, nurses’ stations, reception and other common areas, these luminaires provide lighting for wellness without trade-offs. In addition to health care, the series is suited for applications such as hospitality, retail, fitness, daycare, schools and universities, virtually anywhere that aesthetically pleasing, biologically enhancing environments are valued.

Specification Made Easy

While each configuration is unique, designers can focus on four easy steps to illuminate their Tranquility Series space.

  1. Select the appropriate luminaire style
  2. Select the size and/or depth of the luminaires
  3. Select the image from the proprietary Tranquility Series graphic portfolio
  4. Share the space layout with the Axis Lighting team to prepare a proof for final approval

BalancedCare Tranquility Series – Unique 3D

Designers can create a 3D ceiling that captivates and inspires by choosing various luminaire depths with the Tranquility Drop Lens series. These luminous ceiling panels provide crisp corners, a uniform glow and varying drop-lens heights from flush to 1-inch increments up to seven inches. They can be used alone or in combination with other drop lens luminaires that have identical or different lens depths, either spaced apart or connected in an array.  Once the configuration is set, standard images can be cropped to fit the desired format with customization to achieve the exact look for each pattern.

BalancedCare Tranquility Series – Unique Overlay Grid

Designers can create dimmable ambient lighting while transforming multi-unit graphics into a single, continuous image by concealing the T-bar. The unique overlay option boasts minimal form, a flush appearance and a uniformly lit diffuser. Available in a 2 by 2 feet or a 4 by 4 feet, this series creates a cohesive luminous ceiling as a design feature.

BalancedCare Tranquility Series – Regressed Lens

Designers can choose an elegantly regressed lens forming a skylight appearance. Available in two regressed lens profiles to create a uniform look using a single luminaire or mix-and-match dimensions to design unique ceiling patterns with playful graphics.

BalancedCare Tranquility Series – Sconces

Tranquility Series graphic panels are a perfect way to enhance BalancedCare box, closed book and open book wall-mounted sconces with either horizontal or vertical mounting orientation. The sconces feature multiple lengths, amber nightlight option to aid navigation, a detachable backplate for quick disconnect, and room-side access to the luminaire’s driver.

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