Pipe Support System Receives Miami-Dade Acceptance

Pipe Prop’s proven durability to withstand the torrential winds, rain and heat of Florida weather has gained it the official Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance for use in all areas of Florida, especially the hurricane zones. Pipe Prop, used by contractors and architects throughout Florida for 15 years, is the only product of its kind to receive the rigorous, high-status Miami-Dade NOA.

Pipe Prop is an easy-to-install adjustable pipe support system for all condensate and piping needs. Made of UV-resistant polymer material, Pipe Prop withstands the most severe weather conditions, year after year. In installations more than 15 years old, Pipe Prop shows zero loss of structural integrity or capability.

“Getting tested, reviewed and receiving official acceptance by Miami-Dade County gives Pipe Prop a big checkmark for durability in hurricane zones,” says Jim Brown, inventor of Pipe Prop and owner of JMB Industries LLC, which manufactures Pipe Prop in Texas. “In every test, Pipe Prop proved that it will not buckle, shatter or otherwise deteriorate, even in heavy rain, extreme wind and hail.”

The Miami-Dade County NOA Pipe Prop system is sold as a complete kit to ensure performance and uphold regulations. Each kit contains four bases with saddles, four MDAPP-12 pipes, four stainless-steel straps and 2 MDA-1000 adhesives. Every component in the kit is approved. The APS-MDA-1 kit fits piping up to 1 ½ inches, the APS-MDA-2 kit fits piping up to 2 ½ inches and the USPP-MDA kit fits electrical unistrut. Each Pipe Prop is permanently labeled with “Miami-Dade County Product Approved” 11-1019.05.

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