Platform Enabled Services Provide a Building IoT Solution

BuildingIQ 5i platform enabled services features building monitoring of temperature, savings, system health and weather.

BuildingIQ 5i platform enabled services features building monitoring of temperature, savings, system health and weather.

BuildingIQ launches its BuildingIQ 5i platform-enabled services, designed to deliver value to building operators at any stage of a building’s lifecycle. The 5i platform and services provides a building IoT solution for owner/operators with its five pillar approach of data capture analysis, modeling, measurement & verification, closed loop predictive control and human analysis. The platform could fuel growth for BuildingIQ and potential partners by providing a common technological underpinning for services and solutions that address market opportunities as they arise. The company’s extensible services can be deployed selectively to meet the needs of any building, are subscription-based and require little to no infrastructure changes to implement.

The 5i platform learns daily to provide a powerful energy intelligence foundation for a building. As buildings evolve, so does the platform — accommodating new BMS, new feedback methodologies and sensors, and alternative generation such as solar and local storage.

BuildingIQ’s 5i platform and services use a holistic approach to meet the needs of building owners – recognizing a building system management environment, tenants, and the inherent enthalpy of large and complex building systems.

By leveraging a building’s internal data (occupancy comfort, building characteristics and meter data), external data (demand response signals, energy tariffs and weather forecasts), and 24/7 access to BuildingIQ’s team of operators, building engineers and data scientists, the 5i platform is able to deliver a blend of energy saving, operational efficiency and tenant comfort benefits. Current offerings within the 5i platform include:

Building Operations
Facilities Worksite for work order ticket creation and scheduling.
Systems Enablement for professional services that upgrade HVAC control related infrastructure to enable buildings to perform to their potential.
HVAC Controls Retro-Commissioning for HVAC controls tune-up.
HVAC Continuous Commissioning for HVAC controls and BMS performance.
Comfort Command for outsourced hot/cold calls.

Measurement & Verification
Energy Worksite for evaluation of energy initiatives through single point one-time or rolling baselines and consumption trending.
Predictive Energy Advisor for weather-normalized 24-hr forecasts delivered daily to your inbox.
Automated M&V for a solution that doesn’t require the need for onsite consultants.

Predictive Control
Demand Response for managed energy curtailments that meet utility targets, while adhering to comfort commitments.
Predictive Energy Optimization for a learning, closed-loop service, informed with building expertise, that continually optimizes heating and cooling operations.

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