Power Assist Revolving Door Maximizes Useable Floor Space

The manual revolving door has a power assist feature so customers don’t have to push as hard to operate the door.

The manual revolving door has a power assist feature so customers don’t have to push as hard to operate the door.

Boon Edam Inc. has announced that Seven Feathers Casino Resort, located in Canyonville, Ore., has installed a Boon Edam BoonAssist TQ revolving door in its 2150-square foot Steelhead Lounge. I-5 Design is the design/build firm that completed the project.

Seven Feathers Casino Resort, a resort in the Pacific Northwest, is among the growing destination resorts in the region. It’s a place where guests experience Nevada-style gaming, food and beverages, live entertainment, a spa, indoor pool, fitness center, RV Resort, and more.

Creating Useable, Comfortable Space

“We decided to do away with our poker room on the smoking floor and re-model that space for our non-smoking patrons,” explains Andrew McAuley, construction project manager for Seven Feathers Casino Resort. “We originally looked at a sliding door, but we were concerned about gusting winds and even snow infiltrating the space. A vestibule would have been great, but we just didn’t have the room. Our architect came up with the idea to install a revolving door to minimize the footprint and create an air seal.”

McAuley continues, “We had a pair of store-front doors, and we decided on the revolving door after the re-model had started. We were under a time constraint, and we reached out to a number of manufacturers, but only Boon Edam could meet our timeline.”

Revolving Door Saves Money

Seven Feathers installed an 8-foot diameter BoonAssist TQ manual revolving door at the entrance to the lounge from the street. “The door literally goes into the lounge where people are sitting, and now we can keep all of that seating,” says McAuley. “With the door’s power assist feature, our customers don’t have to push as hard and for our elderly guests that’s important.” The Boon Edam revolving door is installed with half the door outside the building and half the door inside the lounge. So, not only does Seven Feathers have more useable space, but they saved money not installing a huge awning to protect an entrance constructed entirely outside the building envelope.

“The Boon Edam entrance is doing a nice job for what we wanted to accomplish—the revolving door concept has been successful. It’s aesthetically pleasing and it fits our lounge look and feel. There are several competing casinos in our area, so we have to work hard to delight our customers, while keeping our costs in check,” concludes McAuley.

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  1. I really love your point about how revolving doors save money. Since I don’t know much about it, it’s good to know that a revolving door is more cost effective than building an exterior awning constructed outside the building. I went to this hotel the other weekend and I was impressed to see they had several revolving doors and wanted to know why they would have chosen that kind of door.

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