Power Quality Meters Help Identify Energy Issues

Emerson Network Power's ASCO Series 5490 Power Quality MeterEmerson Network Power's ASCO Series 5490 Power Quality Meter

Emerson Network Power's ASCO Series 5490 Power Quality Meter

Emerson Network Power’s ASCO Series 5490 Power Quality Meter

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson that maximizes availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, has introduced the family of ASCO 5400 Series Power Quality Meters that capture every event that occurs in onsite power systems, no matter how fast or small.

Continuous, high-speed wave form recording and transient harmonic displays are what enable the ASCO Power Quality Meters to capture and present complete data on sags, swells and other events. The meters also track and store data on Time-of-Day energy consumption, flicker, crest and K-factor. They aggregate and synchronize events from multiple meters to the millisecond with ITIC1 compliance curves. Continuous wave form recording eliminates setting thresholds, triggers and events.

PowerQuest Analytics, which are part of ASCO PowerQuest 5790 and 5900 Critical Power Management Systems, enable facility managers to use the data to accurately diagnose events and identify underlying issues for resolution.

Tools in the software that capture events and analyze power quality also help facility managers diagnose how efficiently their facilities are operating. They then have the insight on how to reduce energy and infrastructure costs, as well as increase overall reliability.

ASCO Power Quality Meters generate automated reports for prescheduled periods and export them in COMTRADE and PQDIF (event reports), PDF, EXCEL, HTML and TXT (all other reports). They provide compliance testing to parameters in accordance with EN50160 and IEC 61000-4-15 /IEC 61000-4-30. During power outages, a 25-second power ride-through provides uninterrupted data recording.

ASCO Power Quality Meters can capture data from gen-sets, utility mains, power transfer switches, UPSs, paralleling gear, TVSS, PDUs and critical power distribution boards.

The family of ASCO Series 5400 Power Quality Meters comprises three models: the Series 5490, Series 5450 and Series 5410. The ASCO Series 5490 includes a meter and remote display with integrated Web pages. It offers the industry’s highest sample per cycle on voltage and current, storage for a full year’s worth of data, a full complement of I/O digital and analog outputs, and sends email alerts. It’s designed for such mission-critical applications as data centers, hospitals and utilities.

The ASCO Series 5450 is a mid-range meter with remote display that can store 30 days of data. The ASCO Series 5410 is a compact, economical meter without a remote display.

All ASCO Series 5400 Power Quality Meters include a built-in temperature signal gauge that ensures the meter’s accuracy in hot environments, and all can be integrated with ASCO PowerQuest Power Monitoring and Control Systems. And all are appropriate for both new construction and retrofits.


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