PPG Offers AMERCOAT Brand in Mexico

PPG Industries’ protective and marine coatings (PMC) business announced that customers in Mexico can order AMERCOAT brand products directly from PPG. Products sold and serviced by PPG in Mexico now include:

  • AMERLOCK surface-tolerant epoxies protect steel and concrete structures such as offshore platforms, petroleum processing plants, storage facilities and marine structures in severe environments. Available in a wide range of colors and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) formulations, Amerlock epoxies are engineered to prevent film pinholing and solvent entrapment at the substrate/coating interface, a common site of coatings failure with conventional epoxies and lower-solids systems.
  • DIMETCOTE inorganic zinc primers are designed for protection of carbon steel against corrosion. They are available in water-based and low-VOC solvent formulations, and they are easy to apply after abrasive blast surface preparation of the steel substrate.
  • Patented PSX 700 polysiloxane topcoat is used around the world for applications in various protective and marine segments. Featuring a large color range, low isocyanates and outstanding application properties, PSX 700 is a leading topcoat solution.

These and other Amercoat products by PPG, which were previously licensed through Comex Group in Mexico, can be ordered in Mexico by calling +52-427-271-9923 or +52-427-271-9179.

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