PPG Releases Architectural Liquid & Powder Coatings Color Guide

PPG Industries’ coil and extrusion coatings group has published the Architectural Liquid & Powder Coatings Color Guide, an eight-page brochure featuring 90 colors of liquid and powder coatings categorized by product code, brand name and resin type.

The booklet is organized around 90 sample color chips showing DURANAR extrusion liquid coatings in colors ranging from Bone White to Dark Bronze. The rest of the brochure is a chart containing product codes, as available, for each of the 90 colors in six other commonly specified PPG formulations, including Duranar coil liquid, Duranar extrusion powder, CORAFLON extrusion powder, DURACRON extrusion liquid, POLYCRON extrusion liquid and ENVIROCRON 03 extrusion powder coatings.

The chart shows the resin type for each of the seven coatings: polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE), acrylic or polyester, as well as the associated American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) specification.

Product specifications are provided including gloss range, seacoast coverage, humidity, salt spray and South Florida weathering data, along with information about PPG CAP CERTIFIED APPLICATOR PROGRAM members, who are part of a nationwide network of suppliers certified by PPG to deliver consistently high-performance products on time to meet demanding construction schedules.

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