Prismatic Daylighting Solution for Suspended Ceilings

Acuity Brands Inc. has introduced the LightFlex system, a high-performance prismatic daylighting solution for suspended-ceiling applications from Sunoptics. The LightFlex system makes optimal use of daylight throughout the day, delivering glare-free lighting while minimizing energy usage from electric lighting.

The LightFlex toplighting system uses the Sunoptics Signature Series prismatic skylight. This skylight allows the system to efficiently capture low-angle sunlight and optimize light distribution. A unique, patent-pending optic sphere drives light down through the skylight’s light well, maximizing the system’s light penetration. The result is the system makes extremely effective use of available sunlight to provide beneficial daylighting for more hours, during more days and in more geographic locations than typical skylights. The system comes standard with a conventional insulated square roof curb, which uses roofing industry-preferred flashing methods.

The LightFlex daylighting system is available in 21-inch tubular as well as 2- by 4-foot and 4- by 4-foot configurations to fit a variety of fixture options for plenum ceiling applications. The larger unit options allow for fewer penetrations in the roof. The tubular device includes adjustable elbows to bypass interior ceiling obstructions in retrofit applications.

All LightFlex products’ light wells use MIRO-SILVER reflective aluminum, which features 98 percent light reflectivity performance from industry leader Alanod. LightFlex is also offered with numerous lens options that match many of the lenses used in Acuity Brands LED and fluorescent luminaires. This breadth of choices allows an architect to match up the design of the electric source with the design of the natural light source, a feature that separates the product line from competitive daylighting offerings.


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