Project-management Software Eases Daily Compliance Reporting

Pens, pencils and papers are already a thing of the past when it comes to daily compliance reporting, thanks to a revolutionary new application.

The Raken App, a reporting, compliance and project visibility SaaS application for the construction industry, allows project managers, foremen and others at worksites to update real-time management data, including information related to inventory, liability, employee management, scheduling and budgets.

Commonly accepted industry “pain points”—namely data collection—drove creation of the application, which has evolved to include safety reporting, executive dashboards for company-level data monitoring, and automated collection and distribution of daily reports.

The construction industry is embracing new technology such as drones, predictive modeling and evolving cloud storage capabilities. All of these trends are geared toward increased accuracy and efficiency. The Raken App, in that same vein, offers solutions to the age-old problem of record-keeping and administration, both of which can eat into a company’s bottom line and stifle innovation.

The application can be used on tablets, smartphones and computers, greatly reducing paperwork and its associated drain on time.

General contractors, subcontractors and business owners can update project information while at a job site. The app places information at their fingertips so they can track the full scope of the job and ensures liability concerns are addressed.

It’s estimated that the application can save an hour of time each day, both reducing costs and freeing up foremen and project managers to tend to other tasks.

Business owners can use the application to track the same data and assess work progress without leaving their cars or offices.

Not only can it free project managers from the drudgery of daily reporting paperwork, the Raken App features a speech-to-text capability that can eliminate transcription errors. The application can also interface with the phone’s camera function for illustrative purposes. The app uploads all reported data to a protected cloud at regular intervals, again eliminating administrative time and expense. The data can be shared among multiple employees and contractors.

The application’s ease of use makes it attractive for users from all generations, and it can be stored on smartphones and tablets for ready availability throughout the course of any work day.
Comments and suggestions from the application’s 2,500 users are used to tweak the software on a regular basis.

Automated reports can be released at specified intervals, easing oversight from off-site executives. But the app can be used at all staffing levels, from construction workers and foremen in the field to subcontractors, general contractors and project managers.

About the Author

Dr. Sergey Sundukovskiy, Ph.D.
Dr. Sergey Sundukovskiy is co-founder and chief technology and product officer for Raken, San Diego.

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