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Extended Stay America, 629 locations across the U.S. and Canada

Retrofit Team

Brand Manager: The InSite Group, Knoxville, Tenn.


In 2013, a new leadership team at extended Stay America undertook a $1 billion investment to improve its entire portfolio of properties, the majority of which averaged 20 years in age.

Extended Stay America owns its properties, ensuring the strategic initiative would be consistent in its rollout across the portfolio. The guiding principle was to “improve the guest experience.” The initial launch focused on external aesthetics. Anecdotal research indicated a need to improve the exterior lighting at many of the facilities. The existing technology used to light the buildings, parking lots and common areas was outdated. The desired light levels were unachievable and maintenance costs were unsustainable.

Improved outdoor lighting levels contributes to the safety and security of guests, visitors and staff.

Improved outdoor lighting levels contributes to the safety and security of guests, visitors and staff.

The InSite Group and Hubbell Lighting partnered to develop a solution that would replace the existing pole and wallpacks with Led luminaires. The team implemented a rigorous specification process with proprietary design tools to identify a solution that features the following products:

  • 6,865 Beacon Products Viper Luminaires
  • 3,498 Spaulding Lighting Laredo Wallpacks
  • 3,000-plus Spaulding Lighting Cimarron CL1S Luminaires

The end result of the upgrade has been improved outdoor lighting levels, which contribute to the safety and security of guests, visitors and staff. Lighting performance and quality have been improved, affording extended Stay America the ability to achieve better light uniformity and increased light levels in critical places that were flagged as potential areas of risk.

Lighting Manufacturer: Hubbell Lighting

The Retrofit

The Led technology has had an immediate return on investment for extended Stay America. When all 629 facilities are completed by 2018, the hotel chain’s leaders expect significant returns (18.5 million kWh per year, translating to a savings of $1.75 million per year). There has been a substantial impact on short-term maintenance costs, and extended Stay America’s representatives expect this to be the benchmark moving forward as associated costs are anticipated to decrease $1.2 million per year. The expected environmental impact is a CO2 reduction of 10,216 metric tons, which is equivalent to removing 2,151 passenger vehicles per year from U.S. roadways.

Photo: Hubbell Lighting

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