Pulp Studio Wins a U.S. Glass 2020 Green Award

Pulp Studio has won a U.S. Glass 2020 Green Award in the Up and Coming Companies category, which according to the editors, “stems from Pulp’s recent initiatives geared toward bringing the company off the grid, including their new solar panel system.”

Pulp Studio has been a leader in recycling of all its water and glass waste, but the company is being recognized for its major commitments in two additional areas: 1) the company will be adding the distillation of all paint waste, bundling and recycling of all its paper waste and 2) integrating a three million dollar solar panel and battery storage system. 

The solar system should generate daily output in the area of 607.5 kw of power, roughly 40 percent of the factory’s total daily consumption. Although this system doesn’t yet completely remove the company from the grid this is a major step in that direction.  

“If the annual savings pan out as projected, our intent is to implement additional solar coverage with the goal to remove the facility from the grid completely,” says Bernard Lax, founder and CEO of Pulp Studio.

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