Quadlogic Controls Offering Energy Services to New York and the Region

Quadlogic Controls Corp., an industry leader in the manufacturing and reading and billing of sub-meter systems, announced it is offering additional energy services that will benefit property owners and building managers in New York City and the tri-state region.

“The cost of energy continues to climb and with the implementation of PlaNYC, owners and property managers are faced with even more stringent guidelines and compliance requirements,” said Quadlogic’s Phil Fram, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Our meters are already in a majority of buildings and now we can offer additional services that will help guide commercial, industrial and residential real estate owners and managers through the process and relieve any headaches.

“With the introduction of Local Laws 84 (benchmarking) and 87 (energy audit and retro-commissioning), New York City is enforcing strict guidelines,” Fram continued. “Quadlogic can help monitor the process and make sure each building is complying with the codes and regulations long before there is any possibility of fines.”

Property owners and managers can choose from an a la carte menu of service offerings from Reading, Billing and Meter Management Services such as collections and providing tenants an internet portal to access usage; Energy Management and Reduction Services including management of energy projects, lighting retrofits, energy purchase brokerage services and energy management software.

Plus, assistance with Energy Bill Auditing Cost Control and Sales Tax issues including arranging for Green Funding through New York State Incentives and more.

“This broad range of services allows a property owner and manager the opportunity to pick and choose what he wants,” Fram said. “And they are all available through a single source.”

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