Quaker Windows & Doors Products Can Be Found on HistoricPreservation.com

Quaker Windows & Doors has teamed up with HistoricPreservation.com to better serve the architectural community dedicated to preserving our nation’s historic buildings. HistoricPreservation.com is an invitation-only, human-curated, online marketplace and specification platform comprised of and developed for buyers, sellers, and specifiers of high-quality Historic Preservation and Restoration related products and services.

“For more than 70 years, Quaker has been providing high quality windows and doors to help preserve and renew our historic buildings across the nation” says Josh Wignall, director of Commercial Marketing “It was a natural fit for us to work with HistoricPreservation.com so we can help support the architectural community match historical aesthetics without compromising performance.”

Quaker’s broad portfolio of aluminum and wood products specifically designed for the historical market is available online.

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