Quality and Craftsmanship Training Series Is Being Updated for the Metal Building Industry

Thanks to generous support from the Ketenbrink Education Foundation (KEF), the metal construction industry will soon have updated tools for training new assemblers. KEF recently issued grant awards to Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Metal Buildings Institute (MBI), and Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA). In a true spirit of collaboration these groups are pooling the grants to update and expand an existing program, the Quality and Craftsmanship Training Series, for the betterment of the metal building industry and the craftsmen that work on metal buildings.

“The most important thing in the metal construction industry today is the training that is needed to safely and correctly install the material so the end user gets the best quality for his investment,” says Bob Ketenbrink, KEF.

With past support from Bob and Bev Ketenbrink and others, MBI developed the Quality and Craftsmanship Training Series in 2004. This top-rated, easy-to-use, and affordable training program for the erection of metal building systems contains 11 modules that covers the entire process of the erection of a metal building. Each module, with instruction in English and Spanish, focuses on one key area of training for metal building erection. The pooled grant will fund updates to reflect current trends, new materials and emerging best practices. The first module to be updated will be Insulation, followed quickly by framing. Two new modules, retrofit and temporary bracing, are also in the works.

MBI offers national standardized testing for the Quality and Craftsmanship Training Series so companies can test each of their employees online. Employees receive a certificate of completion from MBI for each successfully completed test. Successful applicants are recognized as MBI Quality Assured Craftsmen. Their certificates and credentials remain with the individual, providing marketable skills and promoting pride in the trade.

Hundreds of companies rely on the MBI Quality and Craftsmanship Training Series and thousands of young men and women rely on this training for essential job knowledge and skills. The training series is available online.

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