R.F. Woehrmyer Becomes a Certified Foundation Company

R.F. Woehrmyer Concrete Construction Becomes a Certified Foundation CompanyR.F. Woehrmyer Concrete Construction Becomes a Certified Foundation Company

Concrete foundations constructed in the state of Ohio will now be produced by Ohio’s first Certified Foundation Company, R.F. Woehrmyer Concrete Construction of Minster, Ohio.

The Certified Foundation Company distinction is a program rating established by the Concrete Foundations Association of North America (CFA) offering third-party quality assurance for professional concrete foundation companies.

Recognizing the need for a national program to establish a consistent base of knowledge and quality assurance for the cast-in-place concrete foundation industry, the CFA created the Certified Foundation Co. a decade ago. The program recognizes certified companies in the states of Missouri, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia and now Ohio.

“The Certified Foundation Company program was an ideal extension of the introduction of Certified Foundation Technician,” states Jim Baty, executive director for the CFA. “Introduced in 2007, the technician program established a grueling examination of the knowledge base for understanding the codes and standards that shape the minimum requirements for today’s residential concrete foundations. However, having a person on staff, or even multiple project managers that know the important sections of code documents was just the start. This industry needed a recognizable standard for operation of a quality foundation company.”

R.F. Woehrmyer became interested in becoming a certified company when they learned about the growing success of the program and the adoption of the technician certification into the American Concrete Institute (ACI). “It was important to us to show our region that we are serious about our foundations,” states Nick Woehrmyer of R.F. Woehrmyer. “When ACI took over the certification of individuals seeking to become Certified Foundation Technicians, we realized that this program would signal our commitment to our customers. My brother Greg and I received our certifications in November.”

The next step for the Woehrmyers was establishing the company with CFA certification. A member of the CFA since 1995, the process to become a certified company forced the brothers and their father who founded the company to look much deeper into their processes. Certified companies must prove their safety programming, commitment to workforce safety and performance, financial stability and quality of relationships.

“We are very pleased to have been through this process as it demonstrated just how much we already knew about our company but also some new ways to improve our processes and our commitments,” says Ron Woehrmyer, company president.

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