Regulator Can Be Installed without Additional Couplings or Adapters

Zurn Wilkins REMXL RegulatorZurn Wilkins REMXL Regulator

Zurn Wilkins REMXL Regulator

Zurn Wilkins REMXL Regulator

Zurn Industries LLC introduces two new options for the Zurn Wilkins REMXL Regulator that make residential retrofit/replacement jobs even faster: the Zurn Wilkins REMXLCR and REMXLPFR retrofit tailpieces.

The easy-to-install Zurn Wilkins REMXL Regulator coupled with the new extended tailpiece options can virtually replace any brand (without the need for additional fittings or components).

REMXLCR is a sweat connection tailpiece option. This copper retrofit tailpiece can be slid over existing copper tubing and soldered in place without additional couplings or adapters. In tight spaces, the copper tailpiece can be cut to length, providing additional versatility.

REMXLPFR is a solder-free push-fit connection tailpiece. This retrofit option allows for quick push-on installation into an existing regulator footprint without the need for solder, torch, flux, etc.

Zurn’s decision to build a replacement regulator came in response to a number of contractors who prefer to use a Zurn Wilkins regulator for all their customers’ installations. The REMXL replacement options enable substitution of virtually any regulator model on the market–and in many instances the job can be accomplished in half the time.


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