RepFiles Delivers Sales and Marketing Materials to Agents

Universal Lighting Technologies is now delivering sales and marketing collateral to their sales representatives through the RepFiles NEMRA Edition application.

“We are thrilled to offer this resource to our sales reps in order to provide readily available information on the go,” says Susan Phillips, vice president of marketing for Universal. “In an industry where ease of accessibility is crucial, the RepFiles system will allow our team to empower our sales force to be efficient, prepared and mobile; minimizing delays and ultimately benefiting their bottom-line.”

Designed specifically for manufacturers, their sales reps and distributors, the RepFiles system ensures salespeople have the most up-to-date and complete package of sales and marketing materials available to them anytime, anywhere via their mobile devices and computers.

The system can be accessed on the RepFiles NEMRA app at no extra cost to sales reps. With a sync, any updates made from the companies delivering content are reflected on the users’ device. Once RepFiles users receive manufacturing access, content can be downloaded to devices for offline use. Users can view files, play videos, send single or multiple files as email attachments and more.

The RepFiles NEMRA Edition app is available for download via the Apple StoreGoogle Play or Microsoft Store. Read more information on RepFiles.

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