Replace HID Roadway Luminaires with LED

Evolucia G2 Aimed Optics LED Cobra Head Roadway Luminaires

Evolucia G2 Aimed Optics LED Cobra Head Roadway Luminaires

Evolucia Inc., a manufacturer of LED lighting products, launches its next generation of LED replacement roadway luminaires. The new Evolucia G2 Aimed Optics LED Cobra Head Roadway Luminaires offer substantially increased light efficacy when compared to traditional lighting technologies such as high intensity discharge (HID).

The new fixtures are available in 100 watt, 150 watt, 200 watt and 400 watt HID replacement configurations with energy savings ranging from 57 to 66 percent depending on the input wattages. The product family is available in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures and exhibit a CRI of >70.

Evolucia roadway, area, garage and parking lot lighting provide optimum energy savings, excellent color rendition and long life. Evolucia products are designed to optimize product performance with the company’s innovative Aimed Optics photometric design delivering 15 percent more light on the road when compared to competing LED fixtures. The G2 product is a completely integrated lighting system. By optimizing the photometrics of the lighting fixture, light is delivered precisely to the area being targeted with minimal spill and waste. Evolucia LEDs reduce unnecessary glare and the products’ light uniformity increase needed visibility in parking lots and on roadways. The optimum luminaire design and improvements address the thermal management of LED generated heat extending life ratings and providing light output that exceeds industry standards.

All Evolucia LED Cobra Head products operate with Aimed Optics technology. The Evolucia Cobra Head received the award for Best Outdoor Streetlight, in its class, by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) in the 2010 Next Generation Luminaires Solid State Lighting Design Competition. This recognition provides the highest industry validation of Evolucia’s Aimed Optics technology. In Europe, Evolucia technology was recognized by the Commission of the COMPETITION FOR THE BEST PRODUCT in the 19th International Fair of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2011 for the LED lamp Cobra Head. Evolucia technology also received the Leader of Sustainable Development Award, during the 5th Economic Forum “Energy and Environment” in Warsaw, Poland.

The new Evolucia Cobra Head LED luminaires’ extreme long life, at over 10 years, also delivers financial savings by offsetting maintenance costs. A decrease in road crews, less traffic interruptions and fewer traffic accidents and fatalities associated with maintenance operations not only positively impact the bottom line but also help create a safer transportation network for work crews and travelers alike.

The G2 Cobra Head LED luminaire family has been redesigned making the system lighter in weight and easy to access. Also, a 4-bolt mounting system is included allowing the fixture to be installed by one person saving both time and maintenance costs.


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