Research Being Conducted to Identify Challenges Manufacturers Face in Missouri

At a time when supply chain issues, growing workforce needs, and rising costs are creating challenges for manufacturers across the country, a Springfield, Mo., company is conducting research to uncover insight and next steps for the sector in Missouri.

Habitat Communication & Culture has partnered with Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) to complete a comprehensive industry survey and interviews with manufacturing leaders across the state, with the ultimate goal of pinpointing and addressing key challenges that manufacturers in Missouri face. 

Manufacturing business leaders will be invited to complete a survey about the realities they currently experience in their sector. In addition to the anonymous survey, Habitat will conduct one-on-one and focus group style interviews with select manufacturing leaders to add context to the survey results. 

“We’ve been working with manufacturers for more than 10 years, so we understand the unique needs and challenges they face,” says Jarad Johnson, CEO of Mostly Serious and co-founder of Habitat Communication & Culture. “It’s obvious that MAM cares about the companies it works with, and we’re excited to collaborate with them and deliver data that will illuminate how to make the greatest impact for this vital sector in our state.”

MAM Executive Director Michael Eaton looks forward to the partnership as well, saying, “The Missouri Association of Manufacturers is committed to bringing value to the manufacturers of Missouri. We have toured over 115 facilities over the last year to better understand the manufacturing landscape. Working with Habitat Communication & Culture to generate the State of Manufacturing in Missouri aligns well with our mission and vision—providing a data-driven and truly unique report that speaks to the actual landscape of manufacturing in our state.”

Research kicked off in summer 2022 and will be completed by January 2023. Findings will be published and also presented at the  annual MAM Manufacturers Trade Show & Conference, which takes place Feb. 7-8, 2023, in Branson, Mo. 

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