Retrofit Post-top and Pendant HID Luminaires with LED

EYE Lighting's LEDioc brand lampsEYE Lighting's LEDioc brand lamps

EYE Lighting's LEDioc brand lamps

EYE Lighting’s LEDioc brand lamps

EYE Lighting International, a manufacturer of lamps, luminaires, controls and related lighting products, has introduced LEDioc brand lamps, designed for simple and easy field retrofit from an HID to LED light source in post-top and pendant luminaires. EYE estimates there are more than 2 million luminaires of these types in service in the U.S. with hundreds of thousands annually requiring retrofit.

The 37-watt EYE LEDioc lamp, consuming only 42 system watts, comes complete with a driver and surge protector, and can be applied in 120V through 277V systems. The 5000K model provides 44000 initial lumens, 70 CRI and 106 lumens per watt. The 3000K model provides 3100 initial lumens, 85 CRI and 75 lumens per watt. Both feature 70 percent lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours of life.

Facility managers in cities, municipalities, utilities, campuses and office parks who are changing to bright, white light for safety and security, as well as wish to meet sustainability goals, reduce energy use and virtually eliminate maintenance, will find the EYE LEDioc lamp a cost-effective solution. EYE provides a five-year warranty with the LEDioc system.


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