Roppe Holding Co. Introduces Stair Tread Installations Without Epoxy Nose Filler

Roppe Holding Co. (RHC), the parent company to commercial flooring brands Roppe and Flexco, has announced that most of their stair tread installations no longer require epoxy nose filler.

“We recognize that distributors and installers value three performance attributes from their manufacturer partners above all else; design aesthetics, quality and ease of installation. While the market recognizes RHC flooring companies for their continuous commitment to all three, eliminating the need for epoxy nose filler is going to be recognized by the professional flooring community as a significant benefit,” states Brent Fike, general manager of technical services at RHC.

Green building guidelines are pushing the envelope to make buildings more efficient and healthier for occupants. Holistic scrutiny of the elements that go into the building is at the heart of the design process at RHC. RHC offers a variety of stair tread options including Vulcanized Rubber Stair Treads, which are formulated with ingredients that do not appear on the Red List of chemicals published by the International Living Futures Institute. However, epoxy nose fillers are formulated with ingredients that appear on the Red List. In addition, epoxy nose fillers are commonly formulated using chemicals that appear on California’s Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, commonly known as the California Prop 65 list. Excluding the additional step from the installation process will not only drive down total project costs, it will also provide another choice to architects and specifiers to build buildings with reduced chemical hazards.

RHC resilient stair treads have been designed to fit stair nosings using quality workmanship and materials. However, through advances in design and engineering systems, stair treads produced in 2018 and beyond no longer require epoxy nose filler on most installations.

To learn more about stair treads from Roppe, visit the website.

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