San Francisco W Installs View Dynamic Glass Which Eliminates Need for Shades

View, a manufacturer of dynamic glass, and W San Francisco have announced the installation of View Dynamic Glass at W San Francisco. The installation will showcase View Dynamic Glass in a high-visibility application while providing state-of-the-art architectural glass technology to enhance the cutting-edge design and luxury guest experience at W San Francisco.

W San Francisco has incorporated View Dynamic Glass into its lobby and lounge areas. The installation provides uninterrupted views and natural daylight while eliminating glare and unwanted heat. Because View Dynamic Glass eliminates the need for shades, blinds or other obstructive window treatments, it will enhance the W’s signature contemporary style. The advanced controls and minimal power requirements of View Dynamic Glass make it well suited for a wide variety of applications, and it was easily retrofitted into the existing framing at W San Francisco.

View Dynamic Glass utilizes electrochromic technology to switch from clear to variable tint on demand, offering occupants the ability to regulate the amount of light and heat that enters a building. View Dynamic Glass is well suited for buildings that receive intense direct sunlight because it eliminates the need to sacrifice one’s connection to the outdoors to maintain an ideal temperature. View Dynamic Glass can significantly reduce HVAC and lighting energy usage in commercial buildings by 20 percent and HVAC peak load by 25 percent.

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