Save Time and Labor Installing Electrical Boxes

A new series of USB adjustable floor and wall support brackets that save time and labor when installing 4S and 5S electrical boxes is now available from Orbit Industries. The new adjustable brackets help take the guesswork out of outlet placement.

Orbit USB brackets can be floor- or wall-mounted on wooden or metal studs. They offer multiple height and width combinations and present greater flexibility on all job sites. All Orbit support brackets are UL listed.

Model USB adjusts from 8- to 24-inches high as a floor bracket or 14- to 24-inches wide as a stud-to-stud wall bracket. Up to three 4S or 5S boxes can be mounted on a single USB as a floor bracket with Orbit’s USB accessories. All Orbit USB products must be accompanied with US4SB or US5SB mounting brackets to attach the steel boxes.

Orbit’s expanded line features a wide range of models. Among the series is the prefabricated USB-4SDB-50/75-PT, a completely pre-assembled floor bracket with a mounted 4-inch/4S box (2 1/8-inch deep). It includes an installed far-side back support and ground pigtails.

A second pre-assembled bracket is the USB-5SDB-50/75-PT with a 4 11/16-inch/5S box (2 1/8-inch deep), which also includes an installed far-side back support and ground pigtails.

Other models feature mounting brackets for 4S and 5S boxes with built-in back support.


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