Sensity Systems Partners with El Salvador for LED Light Sensory Networks

Sensity Systems, the pioneer of Light Sensory Networks, has announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with the country of El Salvador. Mauricio Funes Cartagena, president of the Republic of El Salvador and Hugh Martin, chairman and CEO of Sensity Systems, signed an agreement that lays out the framework for their partnership on April 18, 2013, in Washington D.C.

As part of its national energy and security policies, El Salvador is committing to gradually deploying a Light Sensory Network (LSN) throughout the country. An LSN would best address El Salvador’s most pressing energy, environmental and security priorities while stimulating economic growth and new job creation. An LSN combines LED lighting with high bandwidth, low latency wireless networking and optical, audio, seismic and environmental sensors to deliver immediate energy and operating cost savings while enabling a platform to deliver additional applications and services, such as public safety and security, environmental monitoring, seismic detection and early warning, and smart traffic management.

As a part of the partnership, Sensity will establish local operations in El Salvador, beginning with final product assembly and logistics. The company’s investment will increase in the coming years with growing regional demand for Sensity’s products, ultimately resulting in full manufacturing capabilities. For its part, the government of El Salvador is committed and supports the development of the resultant high-tech manufacturing corridor, which will create new jobs in El Salvador and attract additional foreign direct investment.

“This strategic partnership is an important stake in the ground—the starting point for a promising technology and manufacturing economy that will propel our country into a new era of success and prosperity,” says Mauricio Funes Cartagena, president of El Salvador. “In recent years, the Government of El Salvador has raised the levels of public investment to help establish and strengthen the conditions that will promote national growth and economic development. Sensity’s innovative technology will help our country reduce energy expenses and launch new services to benefit our people. The company’s selection of El Salvador as a strategic partner in the region will trigger additional high-tech investments to boost the country’s growth and development through the generation of new production capability, technology transfer and job creation.”

Sensity Systems is in advanced talks with the government of El Salvador regarding the best use and deployment of a LSN in the country’s strategic infrastructure such as highways, public schools and El Salvador International Airport, among others. Sensity Systems is actively working with several municipal governments on the deployment of local LSN technology. The City of Nuevo Cuscatlan will be the first to inaugurate an LSN in El Salvador.

“The ability to monitor, analyze and act on the data collected through a Light Sensory Network will provide El Salvador with the technological underpinnings to stimulate real innovation countrywide,” says Hugh Martin, chairman and CEO of Sensity Systems. “Our passion for this project is matched every step of the way by El Salvador’s passion for creating a connected future for its citizens. We will work tirelessly with El Salvador to show that its people and its resources are fueling the kind of technological innovation that will change the world.”

“A Light Sensory Network can directly benefit our nation,” says Franzi Hato Hasbun, secretary of Strategic Affairs and Minister of Education of El Salvador. “Applications designed to improve public security, including video surveillance, dimmable lights and better tracking of goods coming in and out of the country, will make our nation a safer place. The technology transfer, creation of new jobs and close collaboration with centers of technical and higher education will encourage curriculum development for new careers in high technology, software and entrepreneurship. With a stronger security and technology infrastructure, there is no limit to what El Salvador can potentially do.”

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