Sensors Analyze Surrounding Conditions and Adapt

NexLight, a provider of relay-panel-based lighting control systems, has released the PerfectSense Intelligent Building Occupancy Sensors. Specifically designed to meet the demands of Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1 2010, these dual-technology sensors provide energy savings and code compliance for commercial and industrial building markets.

PerfectSense occupancy sensors use integrated daylight sensors, walk-through mode and SmartSense auto adapting technology that continuously analyzes surrounding conditions and automatically adapts to meet those changing conditions. This mode allows for the sensor to continuously adjust and optimize its performance. The collection of ceiling, wall and switch-mounted devices feature PIR and Ultrasonic sensitivity and on-board logic to further reduce the potential for false triggers.

The PS-DTC24 model is a ceiling-mounted 24V (low voltage) sensor providing a 1,000-square-foot detection area, utilizing PIR and Ultrasonic detection technologies. Used with a power pack (PS-PP1277), a single sensor or multiple sensors can be used to expand detection areas. Additional models include additional relays to connect to local VAV boxes or BMS systems, extra-wide detection areas, high-bay models more commonly used for the industrial market.


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