Series of Rooftop Units Reduce Operational Costs

SunPremier 25-50 ton rooftop units are designed for installation and service ease.
SunPremier 25-50 ton rooftop units are designed for installation and service ease.

The YORK brand of Johnson Controls has launched a series of rooftop units designed for installation and service ease. The SunPremier 25-50 ton rooftop units deliver standard efficiency levels while reducing operational costs over the life of the unit.

SunPremier was engineered for ease of serviceability, with features including extended grease lines, accessible connections, service ports and lights, coil-cleaning hatches and more. For each available tonnage, the platform complies with Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 energy efficiency standards. Additional options are available for each tonnage to meet the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) 2019 highest tier ratings. This translates into cost-savings over the life of the rooftop unit.

The Smart Equipment-enabled units feature start-up wizards and an array of user-adaptable parameters to help expedite start-up and commissioning. The system offers complete control across all available rooftop units and integrates with other control systems and interfaces, including zone controllers and building management systems such as Verasys.

SunPremier rooftop units streamline the design process with integrated system selection tools, accessible building information modeling (BIM) files, improved submittals and simplified specification. Additional flexibility is provided on base models through a complete range of factory options, including various airflow path configurations, indoor environmental quality options and modulating options for improved comfort.

Other features:

  • Navigator product service app enabling on-demand access to unit-specific details, technical literature and a direct connection to technical support via a unique QR code on each rooftop unit
  • Optional Mobile Access Portal (MAP) provides remote monitoring capability for fewer trips to the job site or rooftop to diagnose issues
  • Design, engineering and assembly in the Johnson Controls Rooftop Center for Excellence in Norman, Okla.

SunPremier rooftop units will be supported with lead times and rapid-ship availability. They are backed by warranties: standard 1-year parts warranty and either a 6-month or 1-year promotional labor warranty, which is standard for authorized contractors. Visit online for more information on SunPremier rooftop units.

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