Silicone Sealant Is Formulated for Primerless Use on Transition Seals

Pecora's AVB Silicone sealanPecora's AVB Silicone sealant

Pecora's AVB Silicone sealan

Pecora’s AVB Silicone sealant

Pecora is now introducing AVB Silicone, a one-part, silicone sealant which has been specifically formulated for primerless use on transition seals. It offers exceptional adhesion between dissimilar materials in air and vapor barrier systems, such as high density polyethylene peel and stick laminates, liquid applied weather barriers, building wraps as well as termination/transition seals, and other typical building materials.

Pecora AVB Silicone provides strength, is durable in all weather conditions and is compatible with natural stones and other porous surfaces susceptible to staining or silicone fluid migration. With a +/-25 percent movement capability, AVB Silicone provides the dynamic joint movement required by building designers to construct highly efficient and innovative structures.

Now available in 20-ounce sausages, Pecora AVB Silicone is a professional system that must be used in conformity with manufacturer’s instructions.


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