Simpson Strong-Tie Collaborates with FLASH in Support of #HurricaneStrong

Simpson Strong-Tie is collaborating with the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) and its partners in support of #HurricaneStrong, a national hurricane resilience initiative to raise public awareness about hurricane readiness. The initiative coincided with a week-long NOAA tour that stopped in five Gulf Coast cities.

The Hurricane Awareness Tour (HAT) is an annual event where NOAA aircrafts visit five cities along the Gulf Coast. This year, the tour was held in conjunction with Hurricane Preparedness Week and in support of #HurricaneStrong. In cities from Texas to Florida, experts will brief teachers, schoolchildren and the public on potential local hurricane impacts, hurricane preparedness, and the importance of mitigation. Representatives from Simpson Strong-Tie, including Codes & Compliance Engineering Manager and high-wind resistant construction expert Randy Shackelford, P.E., were on hand to answer questions when the tour stopped in Mobile, Ala., for “Strengthen Your Home” day. This day will focus on the ways to improve a home’s resilience to high-wind and hurricane events, such as adding metal connectors to strengthen and tie together a home’s roof, walls and foundation.

The goal of the Hurricane Strong campaign is to increase public awareness and hurricane resilience to reduce economic loss in the U.S.

“Encouraging people to strengthen their homes to make them safer and more resilient has always been important to us. By supporting the #HurricaneStrong initiative, we hope to inspire people to prepare their homes to resist the damage caused by high winds and hurricanes,” says Shackelford. “Mitigation matters because it helps to minimize the need for costly repairs after hurricanes or other high-wind events.”

Simpson Strong-Tie is a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador and has high-wind and hurricane safety resources for homeowners on its website. Professionals can download the new High Wind-Resistant Construction Application Guide on the Simpson Strong-Tie website. The guide provides in-depth information on the forces of wind and product solutions for resilient construction.

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