Six General Contractors Launch Construction Inclusion Week

In 2020, six general contractors created a consortium, Time for Change, with a single purpose: to identify ways to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the construction industry. The shared effort by Gilbane Building Company, DPR Construction, Turner Construction Company, Mortenson, McCarthy Building Companies, and Clark Construction Group resulted in organizing an industry-wide Construction Inclusion Week, which will be held Oct. 18, 2021 – Oct. 22, 2021. The theme of “Building the Foundation for Inclusion” will encourage focused dialogue and action in the industry.

Construction Inclusion Week invites every member of the construction industry to unite to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. By working together, learning from one another, and being consistent commitments and actions toward maintaining a safe and inclusive work environment—free of harassment, hate, or bigotry of any kind—Construction Inclusion Week will effect positive change in the industry for generations of workers to come.

Construction Inclusion Week encourages participating firms to organize activities on their project sites and in their offices to offer opportunities for construction professionals around the world to discuss:
• Leadership commitment and accountability for diversity, equity, and inclusion
• Unconscious bias
• Supplier diversity
• Job-site culture
• Community outreach

By signing up to participate in Construction Inclusion Week, firms will have access to materials and resources that support bringing awareness to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Content will be tailored to enable job-site conversations and office discussions and enable construction companies to plan targeted activities for their organization and trade partners. Construction Inclusion Week demonstrates how a united industry can collectively set expectations for behaviors that champion inclusion and empowers all people to reach their full potential. Participating in Construction Inclusion Week will enhance and deepen connections with colleagues, clients and communities.

Sign up and access valuable resources to bring awareness to diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts for job sites, teams and companies. Participants will add their voice to address the need to support diversity, equity and inclusion for all.

From safety to job-site technology, the construction industry has made the most progress through collaboration. Fostering sustainable and buildable change requires unity, a common focus on achieving shared goals and bold steps.

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