SketchUp 2013 Offers Software Advancements

Trimble's SketchUp 2013 3-D modeling platformTrimble's SketchUp 2013 3-D modeling platform

Trimble's SketchUp 2013 3-D modeling platform

Trimble’s SketchUp 2013 3-D modeling platform

Trimble has introduced SketchUp 2013, the latest version of the 3-D modeling platform used by architects, engineers, building and design professionals and members of the fast-growing maker community. Featuring new capabilities for professional users, an Extension Warehouse for add-on tools and a rebranding of the software’s free version as SketchUp Make, the new release marks the first major update since Trimble’s acquisition of SketchUp from Google in April 2012.

SketchUp Pro 2013 provides professional users with more powerful tools to easily explore, modify and share design ideas in 3-D. As in previous versions, users can quickly design and visualize in 3-D, import CAD plans, photos, aerial imagery, and then use SketchUp Pro’s documentation tools to develop communication and planning deliverables. For example, architects can quickly evolve design ideas and document modeling work to reflect changing project requirements. SketchUp Pro also enables engineers, general contractors and building owners to drive design discussions and generate commercial deliverables, such as conceptual estimates, construction drawings, RFIs and full-screen digital presentations.

The new release includes several improvements to SketchUp Pro’s 2-D documentation capabilities, including enhanced vector drawing tools, faster rendering and zooming, and customizable hatching styles. These updates make SketchUp Pro more powerful, precise and customizable for detailing, dimensioning and organizing models in professional documents.

Since 2004, third-party developers have been using SketchUp’s open and free API to build custom tools for SketchUp users. This plugin ecosystem grew throughout SketchUp’s years at Google and now—in Trimble’s first update—dedicated developers and their valuable modeling tools finally have a home within SketchUp. The Extension Warehouse makes it easier than ever for users to search, find and install SketchUp extensions. As developers begin using the Extension Warehouse to manage, market and support their extensions, SketchUp users can expect to have easy access to more and more task-specific tools.


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