Sloan Publishes Flushometer Maintenance Schedule Brochure

Sloan has published a new Flushometer Maintenance Schedule Brochure, designed to provide a guideline for the life expectancy of manual diaphragm and piston flushometer parts, in addition to the importance of preventative maintenance.

“It’s important to get out in front of maintenance issues before they become a problem,” says Mike Gipson, Sloan product manager of flushometers. “Our comprehensive brochure implements our 111 years of industry experience to highlight the value of being proactive when it comes to maintenance and repairs. With proper care, Sloan flushometers can provide quality service for decades.”

Sloan’s brochure features a detailed maintenance schedule containing an image of the various manual diaphragm and piston flushometer parts, a list of maintenance indicators for easy tracking, as well as industry and Sloan standards for each part. Frequent maintenance indicators include leaking, a flush cycle that is too long or too short, missing or distorted threads on brass parts, and more.

Flushometers must pass strict industry tests of 250,000 flushes. But in busy commercial restrooms at 4,000 flushes per month, that only translates to five years of service. Sloan’s brochure includes the many factors that impact a flushometer’s life cycle, including:

  • Water Quality: High levels of chlorine, dirt or debris can gradually wear down a product.
  • High Traffic: Higher levels contribute to a shorter life cycle.
  • Vandalism and Abuse: Destructive abuse—kicking the handle—will lead to negative impacts on a flushometer’s life cycle.
  • Proper Installation: Improper installation can affect product performance from the onset.
  • Proper Parts Replacement: The use of non-genuine manufacturer parts can end up harming performance and product life.

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